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  Methoni, one of the most historical places in   the Peloponnese, with a cultural life that is   centuries old. The ancient city of "Ampeloessa   Pidassos" as is mentioned in Homer, has been,   through the course of centuries, an important   stop for every ship and traveller towars the   East and Southeast Mediterranean. It has
  been a city renown for its great harbour with   commercial and strategic value.

  Its imposing castle, one of the biggest in the   Mediterranean, occupies the whole of the
  cape of the SW shore. Built on ancient walls it   has been through the course of centuries the   target of every conqueror, Franks, Venetians,   Ottoman. Their identity was kept on the walls   of teh castle that rise to this day in and   environment charged with the memories of
  the past.

  The visitors tour in this important
  archaeological site constitutes an unforgettable   experience. Today, the town of Methoni still   remains a traditional place with great touristic   development.

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